Raffaella Carrà: the italian showgirl

Raffaella Carrà

méntrida minutos dating Raffaella Maria Roberta Pelloni, better known under the pseudonym of Raffaella Carrà was the queen of Italian television. In her professional life she was an Italian soubrette, singer, dancer, actress, television host, radio and television author. Unfortunately this beloved celebrity passed away on July 5, 2021 in Rome. The life Raffaella Carrà was born in Bologna on June 18, 1943 to Raffaele Pelloni and Angela Iris dell’Utri who separated after two years of marriage. At the age of eight, Raffaella Carrà began her studies in Rome at the National Dance Academy, subsequently continuing at the Experimental Center for Cinematography. Her film career began very early participating in the film Torment of the past at just 8 years old, later took part with small roles in other films, however she never managed to achieve success as an actress. In the seventies, success finally came in the television show with I, Agata and you, in which Raffaella Carrà launched a new style of showgirl, snappy and modern. In the same year he was at the side of Corrado in Canzonissima, where he caused a scandal for the navel discovered in the opening theme Ma che musica maestro! The following year the couple was reconfirmed by Rai due to the great ratings obtained and the birth of a new TV star was confirmed. In 1971, three singles from Carrà entered the charts including Tuca Tuca, whose dance was censored by Rai until there was the performance of the Carrà with Alberto Sordi, becoming a popular phenomenon. In 1974 he participated alongside Mina in the Milleluci program which achieved great success and reconfirming Carrà as a complete showgirl. In the following years he made his songs known in Spain where he achieved great success and so in the years to come he dedicated himself to his career as a singer, gaining acclaim not only in Spain but also in other European countries and Latin America. He won several gold and platinum records around the world, establishing himself as a singer. In the 1980s, Raffaella established herself as a presenter with the Pronto Raffella? Which made her win the title of "European female television personality" in 1984. In 1987 he moved to Fininvest with a billionaire contract for the duration of two years and in the 90s he went back to Rai, spending a few years in Spain to run the Hola Raffaella program and then returning to Italy to conduct Carràmba! What a surprise. Also in the 2000s he obtained great ratings for conducting various programs both in Italy and in Spain. On July 5, 2021 in Rome, this wonderful host dies of lung cancer.