http://costacontemporanea.es/?torakalniy=vacaciones-singles-madrid&de5=c6 1) PAYMENTS AND SECURITY Tetuán de las Victorias Do you accept prepaid credit cards? Yes, we accept prepaid credit cards that operate on the Visa and Mastercard circuits. mujeres solteras coreanas If I keep my card details in memory, can they be used by third parties? No, our operators will not be able to view your data in any way. It is also possible at any time to delete the data left in memory by logging into your account. Laupheim What forms of payment are allowed? The accepted forms of payment are Paypal and Stripe 2) SHIPPING and DELIVERY What are the average delivery times? Delivery is made in 48/72 hours throughout Italy through the Bartolini express courier, but the times could be extended up to 6 working days. Delivery times mean the period that elapses from the moment that Andreana Store entrusts the goods to the courier to the moment in which the courier delivers to the Customer. Can I choose the delivery time? It is not possible to indicate the exact time or day. We recommend that you choose an address where you can be easily found. I was not at home when the courier came by, what should I do? In the event that no one is home at the time of delivery, the courier will leave a notice of passage in the mailbox. Simply contact the courier to find out how to recover the order. 3) SIZES

  4) RETURNS AND REFUNDS How long do I have to return the goods to you? You can return the goods to us within 14 working days from the delivery of the package to your home. The costs are your responsibility. If I throw away the tags, can I return it anyway? The presence of the tags intact is a fundamental requirement for your return to be accepted, so we recommend that you do not throw them away or remove them from the garment, leaving the seal intact. Is the return free of charge? No, the return is not free. 5) CUSTOMS DUTIES Customs duties are charged to the consumer 6) COUPON Coupons cannot be combined. 7) CONTACTS How can I contact you? You can send an email to customercare@andreanastore.com